Gingerbread House Mold

by Dan

Gingerbread House MoldGingerbread house molds are a great and useful option if you need to create lots of the same sized houses. You might be hosting a party where everyone gets to decorate their own house, or perhaps you decide it would be a fun project for a cub scouts, brownies or perhaps a school art project. Molds are probably faster and more consistent than templates. Similarly, they are reusable, and templates especially made of paper, are normally not reusable. (Continued Below…)

What are the Benefits of Gingerbread House Molds?

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of the various mold types. Silicone gingerbread house molds are very soft and pliable, which means it is usually easy to eject or remove the finished pieces. The disadvantage of a silicone Gingerbread house mold is that they need to sit on a firm surface, so require a cookie sheet.

Paula Deen
John Wright


The metal molds, whether they are made of Cast iron like the Paula Deen Gingerbread house mold, or aluminum, like the John Wright gingerbread house mold, are sturdier. They do not require that they be placed on a baking sheet, they can go in the oven directly on one of the shelves. I’m not saying the silicone gingerbread house mold is not durable, it simply requires some support in a standard over. Similarly, metal molds require a little more thought when cooling the mold. What I mean is that they should be place on a wire cooling rack so that air can circulate around and under them. Most professional bakers will have a preference as to the type of mold that they prefer to use. I don’t know that any one particular gingerbread house mold is better than any other, but they certainly all bake differently. Once you figure out what style you prefer, stick with that type. The cast iron one being the most massive of the gingerbread house molds will store the most residual heat so when you pull the molds out of the oven, you would want it to come out the earliest of the molds to achieve the same level of “doneness.”

The metal gingerbread house molds will likely require the use of a nonstick spray or flouring or other surface preparation to prevent the gingerbread from adhering to the mold. Follow the directions carefully. My personal experience with different cooking surfaces is with waffles. We have three different waffle irons, all with what appears to be identical “non-stick” coatings. One of them requires that it be sprayed with the cooking spray every time, one never gets sprayed and the third one gets sprayed every 3 or 4 waffles. So just be careful and aware of how the gingerbread house molds behave.

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