Gingerbread House Template

by Dan

On this site our aim is to provide you with as complete a set of resources as is possible for creating your own perfect Gingerbread house or Gingerbread Train or Gingerbread… (you get the idea) a Gingerbread Anything. Of course we have gingerbread house templates and (Cont. Below…)

like we said before for lots of other gingerbread creations. We offer recipes for dough, particularly, “construction grade” gingerbread which is stiffer and sturdier, but still perfectly edible, than regular gingerbread. For the less adventurous person, or first time builder with lots of trepidation, we have pre-baked gingerbread house kits. For the super ambitious we have gingerbread house patterns and gingerbread house templates. (I’ll explain the difference later.) If you know you want to build something but aren’t exactly sure what, we have gingerbread house books filled with ideas. We have gingerbread recipes and recipes for the royal icing, the glue that holds your gingerbread house or gingerbread cottage together.

If you plan on doing a family get-together or doing a massive building project for lots of people, we have molds that you will find useful in creating lots of identical parts for your gingerbread houses.

So don’t think this is just about templates, we have much much more than that to offer you as you embark on your Gingerbread house building campaign. Good Luck! If you have questions, please submit them in the comments at the bottom of whatever page you happen to be on or the one that matches the closest.

What is a Gingerbread House Template?

A Gingerbread house template is nothing more than a pattern that you attach to the rolled out Gingerbread dough to cut out the correctly sized shapes for the Gingerbread house or gingerbread church or gingerbread man or (you get the idea)… A fine distinction between a pattern and a template is that a template is by definition the same size as the finished piece, a pattern does not have to be and in fact, is normally not. On this page we’ll provide a number of gingerbread house templates for you to use. In every case, I’ve put the website where I found the template so that you can find it if desired. In some cases, the website no longer has the gingerbread house template displayed and I’ll note that too.

Why use a Gingerbread House Template?

So now that you know what a gingerbread house template is and what it is used for, why would you use one? There are several ways to build a gingerbread house, one is to use a mold for creating all the parts of the house. The problem with a mold is that there is no flexibility. A gingerbread house template, on the other hand, offers lots of flexibility and can be changed at the drop of a hat. A mold is great to use if you are building lot of houses at one time. You can create lots of parts that you can be sure will work with each other. A gingerbread house template offers you the opportunity to experiment with your ideas and see what your gingerbread house would look like without having to bake it. Sort of like your own CAD system. By reviewing the templates and then possibly customizing them or shrinking or expanding them, you can get the gingerbread house you want.

When should I use a Gingerbread House Template?

I recommend using a Gingerbread house Template anytime you want to experiment with your houses or change them up from one time to the next. A mold is better if you are going to mass produce a bunch of gingerbread houses for a party, gathering or other festivity. The templates allow you to easily create a house that you can be sure will go together on the first try with no modifications. Of course, this assumes that you do a good job of cutting the gingerbread dough to the template.

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I need a horse and carriage template for my gingerbread house. Any way you could help me with this?


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